A veterinary assistant is a professional who works in animal health & care centers. There are many other duties that a veterinary assistant performs. There can be office work for example and also to greet patients, filing, taking appointments, weighing animals, taking payments, answering mail and telephone calls, writing and pulling charts and others. It must be noted that a veterinary assistant is not the same as a veterinary technician, their duties are different.

A veterinary assistant is not licensed but gets the experience of working in animal care centers or animal shelters. They can assist during surgeries but cannot do the medication or cannot give injections themselves because they are not techs, more precisely not licensed. A veterinary assistant has different pay scale depending on their experience, work category and place they are working for. A vet assistant can get about $11 hourly starting off. The range of a veterinary assistant salary can be seen at between $20,000 to $40,000  In 2007 research was done to find out the average veterinary assistant salary of veterinary assistants. A vet assistant was earning about $28,920-$40,550. It was said in the report that the hourly rate was between $11 and $16.

In 2003, another report by NAVTA estimated the veterinary assistant salary as $30,500 per year. In Canada a veterinary assistant can have the following veterinary assistant salary packages according to their findings. A veterinary assistant can earn $10.64 - $15.85 in any Veterinary Care center, $10.32 - $15.34 in Animal Shelter, $11.15 - $16.65 in Healthcare center and $12.00 - $17.73 in Hospital.

According to industry standards, a veterinary assistant can earn $26,278 and up. In June 2009 it was said that the top 75% earned $31,856 and the bottom 25% earned $21,280. According to Western Iowa Tech Community College the average veterinary assistant salary was estimated as $9.30 per hour in 2006 This figure will have increased by a few dollars since then.

The important thing to remember is the figures above are only estimates and to what extent you can earn may depend on how much you like to be around animals and how you can become an important part in the running of the Veterinary office.

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